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Major Grom: Plague Doctor

Major Grom: Plague Doctor is a first feature-length Russian comic book movie, which became a cult hit instantly after its premiere in 2021. Now, as the movie is available in foregin markets it's time to check out original comics it was based on. We have a huge selection of higjhy demanded Major Grom comic books by BUBBLE — including the Plague Doctor story, the new 'Plague Doctor' series about a new generation of masked vigilantes. 'Major Grom 1939' which re-imagines the character as a US Golden Age hero, and 'Igor Grom', dark and moody thriller which takes place after Grom leaves the force. All of available comics are ready to be safely packed shipped internationally (and we accept PayPal). Order away and don't hesitate — the demand is all-time high! Contact us at info@chookandgeek.ru if you have any questions.
Comics listed on this page are in Russian language!

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